"Hi, I'm Star-Lord. I'm with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I'd flash you my business card, but my hands are too full of guns."

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or former gotgstarlord
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// I miss this blog but university really takes all my time, I only have a day a week to log in my other blog so you can find me there if you want to do something.



✶ ––––– “Not gonna help you there, Pete.”

       ”You don’t have a gun big enough for that?
Alright, help me here and now then, bud. I’m just asking for one simple thing:
                                                  Let me ask some questions around.”



    ;   I need help. Comic related help. Thor comic related help. So if anyone can help, thing is under cut
        (comic-reading Thor-muns might be my best option, maybe?)

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Hey, I’m alive!

I’ve missed being around and you all peeps, I’ve also been feeling some itch to come and write a little so I might do it soon-ish. College really takes all my days, I have so much to do and so little time. 

I hope you guys are doing fine :)