"Hi, I'm Star-Lord. I'm with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I'd flash you my business card, but my hands are too full of guns."

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[[ Hello everybody!

Some quick things: This Friday I have an interview to get into college so I will just be online a few minutes along the week.

After that I have to study for some exams I’m gonna have in June and August. I still have some time for those but my time for roleplay will have to be more limited from now on. So if I’m slow now I guess I’ll be slower to reply. ]]



"Hugs would be nice right about now."

"I don’t do these often, but…"



"Your team should have listened…." It looked a little flamboyant, sure, but it still looked rather good.

"And don’t you flirt with me just now, space-agent. There’s a long ride ahead. Save it up a little."

Star-Lord, space agent. Wasn’t really catchy, maybe trying some other word… “Heh, I have enough material for a dozen of space trips, won’t be a problem.”

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[[ I have more blogs thatn I can handle… You can find me here. I can’t promise I’ll be doing replies on Pete right now but I’ll try to be here soon-ish. ]]