"Hi, I'm Star-Lord. I'm with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I'd flash you my business card, but my hands are too full of guns."

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or former gotgstarlord
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Peter found a sick Rocket



Rocket was groaning as he was curled up into a tight ball as he groaned there was a bit of blood around the raccoons fur near his mouth.

"Hey Rocky? Aren’t you up yet? I swear I told you we had to—" Peter sounded impatient and kinda irritated until he suddenly stopped at the view and raised both brows. "You okay buddy? Seems like you crashed or something."



//Start where you like…but I claimed this Bucky…he is my transport…second transport (Groot’s still first)…I licked it so he’s mine. No touching or I strap bombs to you while you sleep.

//Bucky is all like ‘you didnt lick me’ 
Which will probably get him actually licked

[Licks Bucky and call DIBS ON HIM!]

And is that doesn’t work… [ Uses a huge magnet to steal your Bucky. I just hope it doesn’t take his arm off instead… ]

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"Skywalker? I don’t see you as the type, I mean Potter is a stretch. You’re more of a Ron Weasley if anything. Besides Skywalker kissed his sister… . it’s weird." Loki gave a visible shiver at the mention of being arrested, again. Prison didn’t suit him the first time around, the second was unamusing. There wouldn’t be a third incarceration for Asgard’s king. 


"You’re just jealous I’m the cool guy, just like them, and get to kiss any girl. When was the last time you did that? Pete mocked. "You can be Malfoy if you want, kinda have the type…”


If Peter thinks his guns will reach the burglars faster than Clint’s arrows, the man certainly had another thing coming. Clint may have been running right behind Pete but he didn’t require as much time as the other did to shoot at them. It was all innate at this point, the bowstring was pulled backwards as a set of three arrows went flying past Star-Lord and at the henchmen. One struck and blew out a tire, the second was a bola arrow which wrapped around two of the fools; and the third was equipped with none other than the slippy grease arrowhead to cause their opponents to slip and fall while attempting to gain footing. 

If you’re gonna show off, you might as well go big, right? ]

Catch up, if you can!

[ Yeah, okay, maybe Barton was really as great marksman as they used to say. It had been some quite good shots. They were coming out of the van now, Pete made sure there was no one around as the goons started to shoot back at them. ]

I’d say those tricks are like cheating, but I have my own too.

[  Their weapos were no common thought, they had some energy signature. Which made easier for him annulling them by changing the frequency of one of his guns, itwas like fighting with space rookies. Pete smirked throwing a small ball that soon expandaded emitting a small electric shock that would leave unconscious a small group of baddies until someone came to clean. ]

How’s the numbers now?

friendofaraccoon says: Groot stares at him. Before lifting his hand and pats on Peter head. Not saying his usual phrase or anything at all. He just chuckles and smiles.


     ”—Are you trying to pet me?”

// I’ve waited for the GotG roleplayers since the end of 2012. and now that the family is starting to show up I don’t know where to start XD

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   ”Hey! That’s mine!”